FX-301  Panasonic optical fiber sensor

  • Four-Chemical Element LED
  • Auto Power Control
  • Double Coupling Lens
  • Light Output Level Selection
  • High Speed
  • Large Four Digit Display

FX-300 series of digital fiber optic sensors offers a wide range of sensing possibilities in a compact, high-performance unit. Three types are available for optimal application coverage including the standard type (FX-301) etc. now the latest version is fx-500 series.
The core of the FX-300 series revolves around five main concepts for superior sensor performance.if your requirement is low, you can replace it with the series FX-101, if the technical requirement is  high, you can replace it with the series FX-500. so the model FX-301 is less and less in the market, it is a popular Panasonic optical fiber sensor model about 5 year ago. but since two years ago, Panasonic push the new model series FX-100&FX-500.

manufacture FX-300
Current, Switching 100 mA
Function Fiber Optic
Output NPN
Primary Type Photoelectric Sensor
Sensing Mode Selectable
Type Fiber Optic
Voltage, Supply 24 VDC
Voltage, Switching 30 VDC